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01 August 1977 @ 06:04 pm
I'm going to be in Romania for a few weeks getting my dresses made.

Wedding is in 4 weeks! I am so stressed.
25 July 1977 @ 09:51 pm
Well, I vented some frustration.

Two down...

not that anyone understands.
25 July 1977 @ 05:05 pm
Have I been busy! Merlin! I am so tired I could just collapse. I haven't written in ages! I am so tired of these wedding plans. I swear I have been everywhere in the world looking for the perfect wedding dress, with no luck. I convinced Mum and Mrs. Malfoy that I should just get one made, but by who we haven't decided. We are thinking Madame Filetto, shes one of the most famous seamstresses in the world. So I might be heading out to Italy to see her about my dress, as well as bridesmade dresses. We also still haven't decided where to have the wedding... can you believe that after all this time I haven't even gotten anything done! I haven't really gotten a break since, haven't seen or spoken to anyone besides those planning with me. I miss you all terribly! Send me an owl or something, I would love to hear from you! Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes I am sorry my dears I didn't update yesterday. I was just so exhausted when I got home. Shopping can do that to you, especially for a wedding. Lord I didn't even buy anything for the wedding! I got a nice pair of shoes though and I had an excuse to wear that lovely sun hat I bought the other day. Wow, I did so much yet I have so little to talk about. Lucius and I spent some time together today, alone. That hasn't happened ever since I got out of school, everything been about the wedding. It was rather nice to be able to have a simple conversation with him like we use to. He really is a lovely wizard I am a very lucky witch. Other than getting some alone time with him I didn't do much today it was rather nice just being able to lounge, I know everything will be back to normal tomorrow but it was nice while it lasted.

16 July 1977 @ 07:36 pm
Well, I gave the little lost puppy back to his owner... aka I took Sirius back to Remus. It went rather smooth. Mum was still asleep when Sirius and I left the house. Remus showed up at The Three Broomsticks a little bit after us. I made sure they apparated fine and then went and visited my friend Ariela. It was rather enjoyable, just the little sort of break from the chaos and stress of this whole wedding ordeal. Ariela and I did a little shopping and I got this absolutley lovely sun hat! We also went out for tea and the likes.

When I arrived home Mum was a bit upset asking where I had gone. I simply told her shopping with Ariela, left out the taking Sirius back to Remus part. She wasn't so mad after I gave her a new watch that I had bought for her, she had been complaining that her older one was out of date.

All in all today was rather nice and calm. Though I do think mother suspects something... seeing Sirius's horrid bike was found a few blocks away in a tree.

15 July 1977 @ 10:08 pm
Bloody hell! You will never guess who showed up on the door step! Well, you probably will but thats beside the point. So I was sitting at home in the living room looking over the guest list for the wedding and trying to think if I missed anyone when all of a sudden I hear this thud at the front door. Mum and Mrs. Malfoy had gone out for some reason, who knows they adore each other and I suppose that is better than them hating each other, but now I am getting off the subject. Well, I look out the window and all I see is dark and lightning and rain but then in one of the flashes I see a body basically collapsed on our front door step. I screamed of course thinking it was a dead body or something. After a few moments I eventually work up the courage to open the door and see whats going on, not without my wand in hand of course. I open it and there on the ground is Sirius, so drunk he had basically passed out, I had to levitate him into the house. He looked horrible! He was drenched head to toe and shaking and on the verge of conciousness not to mention he seemed to have a few nasty scrapes and such. Luckily mother was out so I was able to bring him into the house and set him up in one of the guest rooms, we have about 15 of them and mother never checks, and father is never home. I got Jeable to get him some blankets and some potion and soup to help warm him up as well as sober him up. He's stopped shaking now and he took the potion and ate a few bites of soup and now hes dead asleep.

Aren't I such a nice cousin. But no need to worry now, just pray Mum doesn't find him.

The Lovely Narcissa Black

15 July 1977 @ 07:34 pm
I know I said I wasn't going to be back on this horrible...thing for a few weeks, yet there were some meetings that could not be moved and mother, mrs.malfoy, and Lucius threw a fit at the thought of me taking a small vacation. "So much is to be done!" This is really all to much. I always thought I would enjoy planning my wedding but with certain circumstances...its horrible.
14 July 1977 @ 03:03 pm

Some stuff has...happened. I decided I need some...me time. Don't expect to hear from me for a few weeks.

PS Stupid muggle contraptions.